Fees (per year) in EUR

Associations / Networks #organisational members 600,00 1.000,00 1.400,00 1.800,00 2.200,00 2.600,00
Governments and Inter-Governmental Organizations (UN, Federal Agencies etc.)* #staff 400,00 800,00 1.200,00 1.600,00 2.000,00 2.400,00
Small, Medium and Large Enterprises #staff 500,00 1.500,00 2.500,00 3.500,00 4.500,00 5.500,00
Publicly Accredited Education Providers #staff 800,00 1.400,00 2.000,00 2.600,00 3.200,00 3.800,00
Individual Members* 120,00          


Voting right at General Assembly YES YES
Participation in Working Groups YES YES
Leading a Working Group (with access to KanBoard) YES YES
Request support for innovative projects from inception to realization NO YES
Membership Badge Individual Organisational
Possibility to become a Reviewer YES YES
Access to pre-reviews of reports, courses and other outcomes YES YES
Possibility to get featured in an article or presentation of ICoBC NO YES
Access to strategy drafts of the organization and possibility to review NO YES
Additional Benefits
10% Discount on Individual Membership Fee if your organisation is part of member network  
10% Discount on organizational Membership Fee if your organization is part of member network 
20% Discount for reviews for members  
25% Discount for ICoBC Conference Fees (and reduced rates for conferences of partner organizations)  

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