About us

  1. The non-profit purpose of the association is the promotion of global exchange and cooperation around, and furthering of the recognition of informal, non-formal and formal learning with badges and credentials:

    • To ensure a systemic (holistic) view of badges and credentials for individuals, organisations and societies. 
    • To promote the formation of an inclusive network of interested actors under the principles of diversity and inclusion.
    • Demonstrate understanding of current global developments in the field of badges and credentials and their local adaptation by means of examples. 
    • Provide support for innovative projects from inception to realization. This can take place on a scientific, political or application-specific level. 

  2. In order to realise the purpose of the statutes, the association will develop a methodological, technological and organisational infrastructure administered by its Secretariat and maintained by its members. Working groups may be formed under the umbrella of the association focused on specific initiatives as well as regional scope.

Please find the statutes here (PDF).